Date: June 10th-11th, 2023 

Place: Poland, Gdynia Kolibki, Al. Zwycięstwa 291

Richard Solvang (Norway)

My name is Richard Solvang, I live in the northern part of Norway, past the arctic circle on a small farm outside the city of Narvik. I have been doing agility since 2011, after that agility and dogs have been a big part of my life. In 2019 I became an international FCI judge.
In my coursedesign I hope to make courses for every type of handler, but most of all I like them to be safe and not too tough on the dog’s body. Having a big malionis has changed a lot about what I like to see in agility and coursedesign.
This is my first judging outside of Norway, Sweden and Finland, I am really excited to come to Poland and Gdynia to judge.

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Aplications: 14.04.2023 – 14.05.2023

Opening of applications: 14.04.2023 (Sunday) 21:00 local time


Applications paid until 10.05.2023:

35 euros – FIRST dog / 2 days / First dog of one handler / 2 days

30 euros – SECOND and NEXT dog / 2 days / Second and other dog of one handler

Applications paid after 10.05.2023:

40 euros – FIRST dog / 2 days / First dog of one handler / 2 days

35 euros – SECOND and NEXT dog / 2 days / Second and other dog of one handler / 

IMPORTANT! Fees will not be accepted on site!

Start-up fees must be paid by bank transfer or transfer to a bank account by 10.05.2023. After that time you have to pay a higher fee. The date of impact of money on the Branch account counts.

Account number:

92 1240 1239 1111 0000 1642 8100, Bank PeKaO S.A.

Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce – Oddział w Gdyni

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Bank: PeKaO S.A.

IBAN: PL92124012391111000016428100


Title: “Agility Competition Name Surname”

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Deadline for payment: 14.05.2023. Persons who resign after 14.05.2023 will be required to pay a higher starting fee.

WARNING! Submission of the application obliges the contestant to pay the fee, regardless of whether or not he will enter the competition.

The declaration without financial consequences can only be withdrawn in consultation with the organizers by 14.05.2023. (inclusive). Cancellations of paid seats on the list of contested handlers can be made by prior arrangement with the organizer by email, by 31.05.2023. (inclusive). After these dates, the changes will not be taken into account.

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