Judge – Antonin Grygar

When agility appeared, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. A sport that has a future and endless possibilities. I am fascinated by trust, interplay and maximum contact between a handler and a dog, which I can see not only at competitions but also in training sessions. I like the parcours, which have a certain idea, they are elaborated and interesting. I prefer to use the available space and make the parcours runnable. I build tracks that have more different solutions for handlers, are always fluent for dogs and exciting and attractive for viewers. I am delighted by handlers who can read the track well, recognize my intentions and run to the maximum. I like challenges and if you do, I am happy to meet you at the competition.

I have judged many competitions across the Europe, including the top events such as the FCI World Championship. I take the role of referee as a sports duel between the referee and the competitors. Even after years I still enjoy great agility and I am happy to be part of that. At home I have two border collies Gee and Avicii.